Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – July 2014

This month’s Bloom Day, a garden blogger’s day to share his/her blooming plants with the rest of the world, is happening the day after I’ve arrived home from a trip to Portland, OR. I am so inspired by the gardens/gardeners there and have so much fun info to log! But first, here are the current, blooming stars on the Lot.

What’s Blooming

July is the month for lilies, coreopsis, and coneflowers on the Lot. Last season multiple varieties were added to the South facing bed at the front of the house. Here’s an overview shot.

South Pollinator Bed

And a few details shots of the various plants blooming in this bed…

071514_red-yellow-coreopsis 071514_red-coreopsis 071514_coneflower

On the West side of the Lot we had a downspout creating a wet area near the house foundation. This spot also receives some hot, afternoon sun. This year I added some little natives called monkey flower (Mimulus ringens) at the point where the downspout ends. The plants are used to seasonally wet and sunny conditions. So far they are doing well and are in bloom!

071514_monkeyflower2 071514_monkeyflower1

Another native I introduced to a hot, seasonably wet area of the Lot is swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata). Hopefully the butterflies will soon find the blooms on this new addition to the Lot. The leaves are also found to be an important food source to the Monarch butterfly.


In some of the shadier areas of the Lot, the ligularia, astilbe, and mouse ear hosta are all in bloom.

071514_ligulara 071514_astilbe 071514_mouse-ear-hosta

The East fence bed in the backyard of the Lot is splashed with color from some more coreopsis, balloon flower, tall garden phlox, and pretty planters Ms. A put together containing some annuals for pollinators.


Here’s a Himalayan Cinquefoil making it’s debut. It has struggled a bit this spring with stalks collapsing and a touch of powdery mildew. However, it’s still offering up some of its red blooms this month.


A small coneflower called Buttefly Kisses (Echinacea purpurea) began peeking out from underneath the cascade of clematis leaves.


In the alley bed, some spiderwort and sedum are blooming. The bees are loving those!

071514_spiderwort 071514_Alley-bed-sedum

And the afore-mentioned collection of lilies include this one…


And last but not least, the cucumbers and pumpkin plants are beginning to bloom. Here is a bee loving a pumpkin blossom.


Make sure to visit May Dreams Gardens to enjoy all the other plants blooming this month!


Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – June 2014

Happy Bloom Day everyone! Memorial Day has passed and summer has arrived on the Lot. Some blooms have already arrived and faded since May Bloom Day. I am going to make an attempt at taking photos at the beginning of each month as well. That way I’ll have a more detailed comparison of growing seasons.

What’s Blooming

Here come the roses! This pale pink bloom is from a monster climber at the southwest corner of our home. It is just beginning to bloom and adds a lovely fragrance to the porch area.


When we moved into our home, we didn’t even notice this climber at first because it was squished between the yew and an arborvitae. With the removal of the overgrown arborvitaes, the rose now has room to stretch its canes. This rose is the first to bloom on the Lot and has been doing so for awhile now. Some time after its done blooming but before August, it will receive a haircut to get it more under control.


Here is a lupine blooming for its very first time. There are several, young lupine scattered around the south bed due to me accidentally leaving a purchased, mature lupine go to seed.


The snow angel coral bell is now in full bloom. This plant responds well to deadheading spent blooms by sending up new flower stalks. I like the combo of its leaves against the foliage of the winter savory to the right and the black eye susan (rudbeckia) to the back.


Also blooming for its first season is this false indigo. This yellow cultivar was purchased after I fell for some false indigo gifted to me by Ms. A. Like the plant given to me, this false indigo did not bloom until its third season on the Lot.


Among the bulbs on the Lot, the allium are now blooming. This first photo is of bulbs I planted just this last fall. Even knowing how tall they grow, I was planning on their blooms to more closely follow the last of the tulips.


These allium in the alley bed were gifted to me by Mrs. N. I love the shape of Hesse and will leave the seedheads standing for most of the summer,


Also baking in the alley bed is this sedum. It was purchased to fill a dry area beside the house on the east side of the Lot. It struggled because the morning sun was not sufficient to keep it healthy. Last fall I moved it to this bed where it receives full sun all day and is much healthier.


And last but not least are the peonies. All of them on the lot are extremely fragrant bursting with blooms. Next season will require some more cages to help these plants hold up their heavy flower heads, especially after they are wet with rain.



That is all for the Lot this month. Be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens for additional blooming news.