Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – March 2015

Spring is in the air for this Bloom Day as temperatures have been steadily warming over the last several days, reaching a piping hot 50 degrees today. The snow is melting away and the birds are singing. I noticed our neighbor, also a gardener, checking over his strawberry beds this afternoon. Everyone in the neighborhood is restless and ready to enjoy a slightly warmer outdoors. I have that strong, mid-March urge to prune something.

I was hoping this Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day we would have some photos of early, Spring bulbs to share. While poking about the Lot with my camera, I didn’t spot much. After digging about in some leaves beneath the privet I found these pale snowdrops. The leaves had been keeping the sun from them.


There were newly emerged crocus sprouts at the southeast corner of the house. The most active bed was the south-facing beds on the Lot. The very tips of tulip and daffodil foliage are poking out of the ground. Can you spot them?


And then as I was returning to the backyard, I came across the closest thing we have to a bloom on the Lot for this month’s Bloom Day. This bed is snug up against the foundation on the north side of the house. These snowdrops almost made it for today.


If you’d like to see much more blooms for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, stop by May Dreams Gardens. Carol is at the south end of our growing zone and her garden is looking lovely! Not only will you be able to see her March blooms, but discover what is blooming across the world in many others’ gardens.

Spring is Stirring

We had a 57 degree afternoon today and I could not stay out of the garden. I put the collars on the four footed management, grabbed the camera, and we headed outside. While cutting back the dead mum stalks, I found these velvety shoots at the crown of the plant.


I didn’t clear away all the leaves because we still have some frosty nights ahead of us. However, all across the garden I discovered similar signs of Spring. The management discovered the new catnip sprouts. We were all very happy.