First Freeze and Snowfall

Brr. That cold snap is turning into a day of snow. This morning I looked out the back window into the garden and noticed what looked like white blooms on the anemone.


Upon closer inspection, the white “blooms” were the seedheads of the plant. This is the first year the anemone has been on the Lot, so I didn’t know that about this plant.


The first hard freeze has come and gone. The random volunteer gourd plant growing from the house bed has been zapped.


As well as the handful of begonias I was gifted this spring.


And the hostas in both Loki’s bed and the gate bed.


The maiden hair fern and Japanese painted fern both were bitten by the frost as well.


We feel the Lot is ready for the weather cooling and the plants (at least above ground) shutting down. Everything is put to bed for winter to arrive.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – November 2016

November on the Lot is always rather quiet so there is not much to post for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Today was quite cold and soggy while earlier this week it was warmer. It will be a matter of days before we get our first hard frost which will finish off the dwindling annuals.

This first set of blooms is the alyssum planted from seed between the two vegetable beds. Mom G. has this annual in her garden and it has resown itself every year.


The next bloom is from an ice plant just obtained from an end-of-summer sale and placed in the main backyard bed.


Most of the purple coneflowers have gone black and died, which was perfect decor for Halloween! However, this last bloom is hanging on.


The jupiters beard begins blooming in spring and keeps at it until the snow covers it, as evidence by the bloom below.


Also still  blooming are the lamium and lavender. More blooms can be spotted over at May Dreams Gardens, the wonderful hostess of Bloom Day.

Tunnel of Trees

This past weekend I traveled north into Zone 5a to take a drive with Mom G. and enjoy some autumn colors. She had already taken a handful of pictures that week around their property as the leaves started to turn.

101416_momgleaves3 101416_momgleaves2

I really love this one!

In the north eastern area of Lake Michigan there is a 16 mile stretch of scenic highway called the Tunnel of Trees. It is a popular destination in both the spring when the trillium are blooming and in the fall when the expansive stand of trees begin donning fall color. At each end of the drive there are small, northern towns. Here is a shot of the first.

101516_churchWe noticed the color hadn’t progressed as far as in Mom G’s town. When we drove along the lake, there really wasn’t much color, but boy was it a beautiful drive.

101516_tot2 101516_tot1

At the other end of the drive we enjoyed a warm meal of sandwiches, European coffee, and pastries. On the drive back down to Zone 6a I stopped off at a rest area  to snap some more photos.

101616_fallcolor6 101616_fallcolor5 101616_fallcolor4 101616_fallcolor3 101616_fallcolor2 101616_fallcolor1

I don’t know if I could ever live in an area without very visible changes in season. There is something therapeutic in the waxing and waning of the growing season here.